love is in the air

oko..what do you knoe bout love ??..
for me its when a boy and a gurl in love with each other and cant
let each other with other guy or women
so, like you all..i oso have someone tat im in love with..
do you knoe who ??..
ok..i know him from fb and we chat thn go out at cp
thn 5 jan 2010 until now we still together..
awww~ i still remmbr whn we 1st meet as a sgf n sbf.. sweet..we like still 'malu2' and sit far away from each other.. make me laugh when i thk bout it..hump..he always teach me
how to be happy and do not cry even though you have a big problem..he said stay
strong cause if not other pple keep bullying you..hahah...iam very happy
with this guy even though he always bullying me..hump..this guy sgt manja..hehh..ok2..
idk wat else i wanna tell you all but if i have any idea i will post bout him.more and more..
can you all pray for us so tat our relationship nver end until death..ok..together say -amin or amen-..
peace! :D

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