start and end.

no one want to have a bad day..neither me or you..
sometimes we dont have a choice for our life..have you ever think,
we will in the dark without sun.That is my feeling when my beloved
leave me and never come back..I feel dark and scare.unhappy was my
companion..hump..i love him so much..i try to not let him go but
what can i do..he already choose his own way..
i need him.i'll never forget the he call me 'huney' the way he treat me..
ok..enough with him..i already lost him..
hump..i hope you all my friend can appreciate someone that always
with you..always hold your hand when you cant get up anymore.
treat your couple the best way you for them..never let them go
bcause you will never meet someone like your gf/bf after this..
hahaha...never will get the best if you give the best.. :D
stay cool and alway smile..daaa~..:D

oyah..women..throw rocks at boys if the boys 'pasang' kaey ??..hahaha..

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