About me! its me!..:)

hi..my name  is masliani musli.iam 7teen y'old
i talk a lot.i love animal soo much..im a muslim..
this is me

guitar ??..yeah..i can play it but not really pro..hehehe..
sa mula main neyh time primary 6 and i stop for 4years thn now sa mula main lgi!..<3

mememe!.. :)
hahaha...sgt suka b'gambar!.. <3 :)

and me..

sosososos...this is me again..hahah!..:)
as you see..sa sgt mow jd model tp tdk cukup tinggi..=.=
152cm only..hahaha..but nvr mind..i dont care as long as iam happy with 
my life i will be fine!..:) 
iam a happy person!.. :)
Tadaaa!!! its mee! :)


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